Team members

Dr Dimitra Gkogkou

I have received a PhD in Physics from the Technical University Berlin. Currently, I work as a postdoctoral researcher at Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences – ISAS e.V. Berlin in the field of nanotechnology and spectroscopy. From an early age, I have challenged gender stereotypes and, by entering the field of physics, I realized that gender biases exist everywhere, even in science.

I joined the I, Scientist team because I find the creation of support networks imperative and want to promote the public discussion on equality beyond gender, sexuality, class, and race.

Kristina Lovrek

I am a chemistry PhD candidate at School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof – SALSA/Humboldt University Berlin. My research topic is on covalent functionalization of silicon with selected organic molecules for application in electronics and (bio)sensors. I hold an M.Sc. in Organic and Analytical Chemistry from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

I joined the I, Scientist team because I was looking for a way I could help empower women and actively contribute to the creation of an equal world. I want to be a facilitator of change and lead by example. I believe in the support and the positive encouragement of women, in the change of their perceptions about themselves and their abilities, in the alleviation of their doubts. After attending an inspirational I, Scientist 2017, I knew I found my way. My wish for the next conference is to be at least as successful as the first one.

Monique Donnert

I am a PhD candidate at TWINCORE – Centre for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research in Hannover, where I investigate antibiotic resistance/tolerance mechanisms of the biofilm forming bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Besides some early experiences in journalism, I hold a master’s degree in Microbiology & Biochemistry from the University of Rostock.

During my studies, I became particularly sensitive to gender-specific biases and disadvantages of minorities, especially in the area of research and work in STEM fields. With my graduation coming closer, I am more and more realising that women are (still) less likely to take part in natural sciences and are facing obstacles in getting leading job positions.

After attending an impressive first conference in 2017, I joined the I, Scientist team in order to engage in dialogue with others – both women and men – and to contribute in providing a platform for the visibility of powerful women, that in turn will hopefully inspire and motivate young exceptional researchers in their future career paths.

Dr Laurianne Vagharchakian

I am a research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. After acquiring my PhD in Physics (Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris), I extended my interest in the understanding of complex systems in physics to the complexity of human cognition. I have been in Berlin since 2013 and discovered that most women in Germany choose to either have children or to pursue a career.

I joined the I, Scientist team to help convince women that having both having a family and pursuing a career is possible!

Pranoti Kshirsagar

Materials Scientist working towards my PhD at NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen, Reutlingen. My current work is at the interface of physics, chemistry, biology and technology. Read more about me on my website. Drop by and say hi on Twitter.

While advancing in the academics, I notice the subtle shift of gender balance away from women. As a woman from India, I extremely value and am aware of the necessity of gender equality in all walks of life: personal, professional and social. I am often baffled by the women to men ratio at scientific conferences/workshops. Women are underrepresented. Men are forced to hide their emotions and act masculine. It is about time we address the issue and make a difference.

I joined I, Scientist team simply because I stand behind all the amazing values this conference stands for. I look forward to making the next edition a great success. Let us make a difference.

Dr Madeleine Kittner

I have recieved a PhD in Biochemistry from Potsdam University. Since then I have worked in academia and in a young start-up in different fields of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. During the last years, I have changed subjects to text mining. Currently, I am a research scientist at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin developing algorithms to automatically extract information from German medical documents.

Over the years, I had many discussions with colleagues – women and men – about ‘What to do after your PhD or your PostDoc?’ and which options would give you the best work-life balance. I believe having a family and a full-filling career is possible! For me I, Scientist is a wonderful opportunity to look at many different possibilities and to discuss your options with women in similar positions. I joined the I, Scientist organization team because I felt it is time for me to actually help make a difference. I am looking forward to I, Scientist 2018!

We thank following people for their contribution:

  • Dr Rula Tabbash
  • Dr Ana Valenzuela Zapata
  • Anja Gerbes
  • Bachir Bibouche
  • Jinhua Liu
  • Dr Sana Pyka